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 Signature Facial  

60 min. Treatment  $55.00

Tailored to treat skin concerns such as skin congestion, lack of radiance, skin sensitivity, fine lines, and loss of firmness. You’ll enjoy a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and (extractions if needed). An excellent treatment for all skin types.

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 70 min. Treatment   $75.00


  • Brightening of complexion:  Paraffin wax imparts warmth to the blood vessels and thus, the blood circulation is increased. This helps to brighten your complexion.


  • Cleansing of pores:  Paraffin wax heat helps to open up your skin pores. Dirt accumulated in the pores becomes loose and naturally, all the dirt, whiteheads and blackheads are efficiently removed!


  • Hydration of skin:  During your paraffin facial session, intense moisturizing treatment is meted out to your skin in the form of cream massage.


  • Reduction of wrinkles:  Paraffin wax helps to soothe your trite facial muscles. That is why, it acts as a calmer and at the same time, helps to reduce wrinkles.


  • Improved skin appearance:  You skin looks softer and suppler after an intensive paraffin facial session.


***Not recommended if:

Your skin is sensitive

If you have oily skin with blemishes

If you have capillary problems
If you are clotrophobic


Hot Stone Facial

 60 min.  $60.00

This Hot Stone therapeutic facial will increase circulation, metabolism, it will ease muscle stiffness, sinus pressure and melt away tension! We use the finest of Basalt stones that are flat and massage the key trigger points on the face, exfoliation, mask, hot stone massage of the hands, neck shoulders and face. 60 min.

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Rosacea Facial

60 min.  $55

Our calming, soothing Rosacea Facial is designed to improve the appearance of conditions normally associated with Rosacea such as tenderness, redness and irritation. This gentle, hydrating, cooling treatment balances the appearance of the most sensitive skin types.

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Detox Facial

60 min.   $55.00

Rescue your congested and lack-luster skin while defending it from pore clogging impurities. Our Detox Facial encourages the skin to purge, detoxify and cleanse while purifying and rebuilding skin texture. Ideal for problematic, acne conditions.

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Express Facial

30 min.   $40.00

 Created specifically for the person on the go, this customized Facial is uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time. Formulated to refresh, renew and revitalize, this treatment works with all skin types to reveal more youthful, healthy skin.


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 Men's Facial

40 min.  $40

Designed just for men, this treatment eases razor irritation, provides deep pore cleansing and toning to restore vitality and maintains hydration while protecting and restoring skin. Excellent for all skin types.

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Anti Aging facial

60 min.   $65

Facials counteract the effects of pollutants and sun exposure on your skin. Having regular facials will also help your skin absorb your anti aging creams better. Monthly facials improve elasticity, give your skin a smoother texture and improve the hydration of your skin. In addition, a facial will help remove dead skin which aids in the absorption of other creams or lotions used to combat wrinkles. 

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 Back Bliss 

60 min.   $65

Back Bliss is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for the back. Back Bliss uses many of the techniques used in skin treatments for the face, and they clarify and soften the skin of the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave the you with a healthy, glowing back. These treatments are for both Men and Women. (May include extractions if needed)



60 Min. $100

This one hour treatment includes 2 washes, Microdermabrasion treatment Crystal and or Dimond, mask and moisture. 

Please call 575-491-5197 to book this Microdermabrasion treatment, you will not be able to book with my online as I will want to make sure this treatment will be benifical for you.



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